Hogeveld Multipurpose Centre

The Hague, Netherlands

Architecture, Educational

Size: 13,500 m2
Status: Completed
Project Design: 2000 - 2002
Project Realisation: 2003 - 2004
Address: Panamaplein 21 (kdv), 30 (sporthal), The Hague, the Netherlands
Client: OCW vastgoed (scholen en MFC); HEVO bouwmanagement (sporthal, kinderdagverblijf, woningen)

Programme: Multifunctional complex of in total 13.500 m2 with 2 elementary schools of 7,100 m2, a multifunctional center of 1,500 m2, a sports hall of 2,800 m2, a day care center of 1,400 m2 and 6 apartments of app. 115 m2 within the urban plan of 'Hoge Veld'.

Hogeveld Multipurpose Centre comprises a playful ensemble of buildings within the rigid urban grid of the Wateringse Veld neighbourhood master plan.

The complex accommodates two primary schools, a multipurpose centre, day-care centre, Olympic-standard sports hall and a row of houses. With an irregular composition of buildings, an informal public space is created within the rectilinear confines of the site.

The design started with the question of how to give each individual element a recognisable identity while maintaining the harmony of the ensemble. Siting, form and detailing play an important role here. 

Within the rectilinear site, the free-form arrangement of the building volumes creates connections, asymmetrical playgrounds and squares in between.

The day-care centre with an after-school facility forms a cluster with the sports hall that includes a generous courtyard for children.

Beside the glass lobby in the sports hall, the sports cafe overlooks the public square with a blue-coloured sports field that can be used by both the multipurpose centre and children from the neighbourhood.

At the corner of the site the multipurpose centre, as well as the two connected primary schools with their play spaces, slides underneath an apartment building, which was designed by another architect.

The individual facilities are distinguished through their siting on the squares and use of materials.

The facades also add variation thanks to large surfaces of glass positioned differently on each building. With their warm colour and varied formats, the bricks unite the complex.

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