Drawings, diagrams, and animations teach us how a building works or will be perceived when we use it.

Virtual Reality will take this a step further by communicating with the actual space.


Mecanoo has considerable experience with virtual reality and we can provide our clients with a multitude of immersive VR experiences ranging from simply viewing the spaces with your smartphone on a secured webpage, to fully immersive walking and interaction experiences wearing a 3D headsets in our position tracking room.

View these VR images with your smartphone:

  • Select and open a scene;
  • Rotate your phone to landscape mode;
  • Put your phone in a viewer;
  • Wait for the high resolution images to load (this might take a while, WiFi connection is recommended);
  • Look around in the virtual scene.

Virtual Reality

At Mecanoo virtual reality changes the way we communicate our designs to clients and users so they can help us to create unforgettable spaces. Our teams collaborate globally with computer generated models (BIM) that once converted into VR give people the ability to feel what it’s like to visually be in that space.

The advantage of VR compared to conventional 2D media is that it adds a human sense of scale and understanding to a design. Helping us to make a more friendly architecture during different design and collaboration stages, but also showing the qualities of our completed designs to everyone interested.

The below VR scenes show different design phases, detail and realism based on the project's needs.