Remembering Mayor Menino – “It’s a new day in Dudley”

06.11.2014 - Publications

Former mayor of Boston, Thomas M. Menino passed away on 30th October. Menino, the city’s Mayor for over twenty years, led Boston through the transformation of a neighbourhood resurgence and historic growth. It was a great honour to have had the opportunity to work with Mayor Menino in the redevelopment of the Ferdinand building and Dudley Square. We echo his words: “historic preservation does not deter economic development: it ignites it!”

His passing comes at a time that his vision for Dudley Square is coming to fruition. As completion of the new Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building draws closer, we and everyone involved will continue to work for Mayor Menino’s shared vision.

The 2013 video ‘It’s a new in Dudley’ explains the local community’s hopes for the project, following Mayor Menino’s dream for a new, vibrant hub in the heart of Roxbury. As the mayor says in his speech before the final beam goes up: “you have a bright future.”

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