08 01 2015

Mecanoo gets abstracted by Giuseppe Gallo

08.01.2015 - Publications

Giuseppe Gallo from Mirabilia combined architecture and graphic design to explore how patterns define environments, create order and communicate information.

“Many in architecture exploit patterns to define environments, generate order and communicate information. In the current landscape one of the practices that does it best in our opinion is the Dutch office Mecanoo, founded in Delft in 1984. Established the extremes, we must define a balanced situation, the high amount of information in a clear and recognizable way.”

- Giuseppe Gallo

The result can be seen in these three awesome posters inspired by the work of Mecanoo:

The Library of Birmingham
Kaap Skil, Maritime and Beachcombers Museum
Rabat Agdal Train Station

All posters are available for free download at Mirabilia

If you would like to discuss a press enquiry reach out to us at pr@mecanoo.nl