16 03 2015 Fedele Canosa gives lecture at Isala Theater

Fedele Canosa gives lecture at Isala Theater

16.03.2015 - Events

How do you design space for people, according to the place with the purpose in mind that will unpredictably change in time?

Fedele Canosa, associate architect at Mecanoo, will answer the above question and tell all about the architecture of today and the future in a lecture at Isala Theater Capelle aan den IJssel  on Friday 20th March.

Fedele is an expert in designing state-of-the-art libraries: “Spaces that are designed to offer flexibility and a diverse choice of experiences are welcoming and stimulating.” With his extensive knowledge about learning environments, he knows what works best for a wide-variety of user groups such as adults, students, teenagers and children

Fedele excels at translating complex ideas into clear and coherent visuals to clarify and facilitate active dialogue and engagement with clients. Having begun his studies at the IUAV (Instituto Universitario di Architettura di Venezia) Fedele graduated in 2000 with cum laude honours at Delft University of Technology. He joined Mecanoo in 2004 and works mostly for international projects - including those in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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