17 03 2015 Mecanoo and Gispen to collaborate on learning environment of the future

Mecanoo and Gispen to collaborate on learning environment of the future

17.03.2015 - Project updates

Gispen and Mecanoo have announced a partnership and commitment to contribute to a higher level of education for all.

An inspiring learning environment helps both teachers and students to excel, challenging them to make the most of their abilities. The ambition of Mecanoo and Gispen’s collaboration is to develop the learning environment of the future: one which is dynamic, open and people oriented. 

These two leading companies combine their expertise to facilitate and improve access to education. A pilot to test and further developed the new learning concepts will be launched later this year. From June onwards, a blog will allow anyone to follow the progress of the project and encourage participation in thinking about the further development and application of the learning environment of the future.

Paul Ketelaars, partner at Mecanoo says: “The collaboration allows us to deepen our understanding of spaces that accommodate multiple activities simultaneously, without becoming so generic that they deny diversity, personalisation and the specific intentions of those activities. Learning environments where creativity, innovation and identity are encouraged, and where students and teachers can exchange ideas and inspiration, provide a basis for lifelong learning.”

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