23 06 2015 Delft University of Technology among greenest in the world

Delft University of Technology among greenest in the world

26.06.2015 - Publications

DesignCurial has surveyed thousands of universities, ranking them on green architecture, innovative green technologies and other green initiatives they take part in. Delft University of Technology has made the top 10. With its Mecanoo-designed library, park, and student housing the TU campus is praised for pioneering green building technology and sustainable innovations.

DesignCurial writes: “Perhaps the original green roof is the Delft University of Technology Library, designed by Mecanoo Architects and located in the Netherlands. The intensive green roof was designed 1993-95, with the final construction completed in 1997 measuring 15,000m2. With a renovation in 2009, the green roof has continued to benefit the university, continuing to meet expectations more than two decades after its opening.”

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