07 09 2015 Mecanoo celebrates three decades 0

Mecanoo celebrates three decades

07.09.2015 - Events

Mecanoo celebrated the office’s 30th anniversary during the first weekend of September. The Mecanoo HQ Campus was opened up to a diverse crowd of clients, business partners, special guests, friends, family and former colleagues.

Guests were offered guided tours through the building, including a visit to the model workshop. At numerous locations inside the office, members of the Mecanoo team gave presentations on current and future projects, like the Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library.

Jaap Smit, the King's Commissioner of South Holland, applauded Francine Houben and her team for the continued effort to make the world a more beautiful place. During her own speech, Francine Houben chose not to focus on the company’s projects, but instead spoke of important people and places that have had a strong impact on Mecanoo over the years. She concluded by looking ahead, announcing the upcoming release of the new book People, Place, Purpose in November.

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