10 09 2015

Zaans Medical Centre tops out

10.09.2015 - Project updates

The new Zaans Medical Centre (ZMC) officially topped out on Thursday 10th September. Just over a year after the construction began, flags were raised onto the roof of the building to mark the occasion. The hospital is expected to be completed in September 2016 and will be fully operational early 2017.

People are central to the concept of the new ZMC. Patients (young or old), visitors, nurses and doctors; it will be their hospital. The building is designed so that patients recover as quickly as possible in a pleasant environment. It is a welcoming, innovative and reliable hospital where patients and visitors feel welcome and where employees enjoy working.

Ellen van der Wal, project architect and partner at Mecanoo:
"Now that the building has topped out, you can clearly distinguish the outlines of the well-organised boulevard which connects the whole complex. Courtyards are located at both ends of this main artery, allowing daylight to penetrate into the heart of the hospital. It will become a very pleasant environment with plenty of greenery."

The ZMC has entered into an alliance with BAM Construction and Engineering and VitaalZorgvast, a subsidiary of BAM Construction and Engineering. Within this unique collaboration, the new hospital will be realised, managed and maintained for the next 25 years. The new hospital building embodies durability, quality and reliability.

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