06 10 2015 giuseppe gallo abstracts mecanoo's architecture for pattern poster series

Giuseppe Gallo abstracts Mecanoo's architecture - Designboom

06.10.2015 - Publications

Using nine of some the firm’s most recognizable projects from across the globe, Gallo formed a series of posters that geometrically abstract building façades and forms into flat, minimalist motifs. From the instantly-recognizable interlocking circles of the Birmingham Library building to the abstract grid of architectural materials used for the netherlands Open Air Museum, Gallo draws the most basic elements from Mecanoo’s built works and makes novel illustrative interpretations on paper.

From the author:

"Graphic Design and Architecture are similar disciplines, they share, even with different purposes, a lot of approaches and instruments, one of these, able to create a connection between architecture and people, is pattern. Pattern is defined as a graphic scheme characterized by a repetitive structure, where regularity of relationships created between individual objects is perceived as a whole.

Many objects in nature are defined by patterns, some are clear as felines skin, others are complex, such as fractal geometry of plants. In art as in architecture Pattern becomes a tool to communicate, create balance and generating aesthetic pleasure, this, according to studies of Gombrich, lies generally in an intermediate position between the extremes consist of chaos and redundancy.

Lots of artists (Kandinskii, Klee) and scholars studied pattern or took advantage of its qualities within their works, starting from repetition of the same element without changes, inserting different variations within pattern, increasing amount of information, not to exceed the threshold beyond which chaos is generated.

Also Architects exploit patterns to define environments, generate order and communicate information. In the current landscape one of the practices that does it best in my opinion is the Dutch office Mecanoo, founded in Delft in 1984. I love how their projects are able to communicate emotion, developing identity of places and social connection." 

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