06 01 2016 Delft municipal offices open

First phase Municipal Offices Delft completed

06.01.2016 - Project updates

The first phase of the new municipal offices in Delft was completed late last year and the building has since been officially handed over to the City of Delft. The moving-in process is on its way and the first council workers are expected to be using the office spaces from February 2016.

At the same area where only a year ago trains would still run above ground, the second phase of the municipal offices is currently under way. This second phase will be completed mid-2017. By then visitors will be able to walk directly from the station hall to the city hall on the ground level beneath the continuous curved ceiling and its blue map of Delft.

Given the ground floor’s transparency and the building’s position on top of a tunnel, the office construction is heavier than usual. Visible large trusses have been placed in a grid which seamlessly fit into the office layout. The wide central hallway doubles as a meeting and relaxation zone for the staff. The efficient grid of columns and beams through the office floors allows for future changes in the layout, therein offering maximum flexibility.

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