29 01 2016 Entrance hall for Keukenhof spring gardens tops out

Entrance hall for Keukenhof spring gardens tops out

29.01.2016 - Project updates

Mecanoo designed a new entrance hall for the Keukenhof, the most beautiful spring park in the world, with all the required facilities to welcome and receive local and international visitors. The topping out of the building was celebrated on January 28.

The increasing interest in the Keukenhof requires a sustainable solution for the park entrance area, which includes the reception building with visitor facilities, information desk, ticket office, restaurant, souvenir shop, and restrooms, as well as a welcome square with improved parking.

The building is characterised by a high degree of transparency and the use of natural materials. A striking grand stepped roof structure connects the two building volumes. The impressive diagonal construction of timber beams creates a wide entryway that accommodates a large number of visitors. The materials – sandy brick, copper and blond wood – lend character to the building without distracting from the natural environment.

Ellen van der Wal, partner at Mecanoo: “On a sunny spring day, the open canopy, built up from large triangles, creates an intricate play of light and shadow on the entrance square. It will be an inspiring starting point to explore the park.”

Completion of the new entrance is due in June this year. Part of the increased parking facilities will be ready to use when the park reopens its doors on March 24, 2016.

Image copyright Laurens Lindhout

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