23 03 2016 Francine Houben at Yale School of Architecture

Francine Houben at Yale School of Architecture

23.03.2016 - Events

Francine Houben will give the Paul Rudolph Lecture at Yale School of Architecture in New Haven, Connecticut, on March 31.

In the lecture “People, Place, Purpose”, Francine Houben will present her body of work that has been based on these three fundamental elements. She will share the stories behind Mecanoo’s high-profile designs that have been realised all over the world.

Each project is carefully considered in terms of its cultural setting, place and time, amounting to a unique design statement embedded within its context and orchestrated specifically for the people who use it.

The Yale School of Architecture is one of the constituent professional schools of Yale University, and considered to be one of the most prestigious architecture schools in the world.

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Image: courtesy of Gwathmey Siegel & Associates Architects

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