25 03 2016 Construction of the Córdoba Palace of Justice

Construction of the Córdoba Palace of Justice

25.03.2016 - Project updates

Work on the Palace of Justice in Córdoba, Spain, is progressing as planned. In recent weeks, the first facade panels have been installed, given a glimpse of how the building will look once completed.

The exterior of the Palace comprises of precast glass fibre reinforced concrete panels. The perforated facades refer to the traditional architecture of Córdoba. The filigree filters the light and absorbs heat, whilst giving the building an elegant appearance.

Once in operation, the facility will house a large variety of public and non-public functions. The courtrooms, a wedding room, and a restaurant are located at the ground floor, representing the most public part of the Palace. Above this, situated around the upper patios, are the secured offices. The archives and holding cells are placed underground.

As of March 2016, over 30 per cent of the construction has been completed with the project being on course to open in the fall of 2017.

Image copyright by Fernando Díez de Tejada

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