29 03 2016 Utrecht University awards Honorary Doctorate to Francine Houben 0

Utrecht University awards Honorary Doctorate to Francine Houben

29.03.2016 - Events

Francine Houben has received an Honorary Doctorate from Utrecht University. Maarten Hajer, Professor of Urban Futures at the Faculty of Geosciences, awarded the Honorary Doctorate during the University’s 380th Dies Natalis on March 29, 2016.

“Francine Houben’s thoughtful and interdisciplinary solutions contribute to a well-functioning urbanity,” Maarten Hajer said. “Her work centres on people, but moreover it is about social interaction. She designs buildings that bring out the best in people, creating truly public domains.”

In her words of thanks, Francine Houben emphasised that architecture is never a solo act: “If you want to be innovative, you need passion, creativity and curiosity and to work with researchers from a wide range of specialties, both within and outside of the academic community. Interesting developments in architecture are produced by those who create the freedom to experiment and work together between the fragmented practices of design and construction.”

Image copyright by Universiteit Utrecht

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