09 05 2016

Francine Houben on Learning Environments at IABR

09.05.2016 - Events

Francine Houben will give a keynote on Learning Environments at the International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam (IABR) on Friday May 13. The lecture is part of the Next Talk series in which radical and provocative ideas for the future of the city are given a platform.

Learning environments play an increasingly important role in the urban economy; education and the city need each other. In the past, universities and colleges were often approached as isolated building projects. Today, we talk about ‘innovation environments’ that raise the spatiostrategic question of how education, commercial activity, and other public functions can be knit together. Ideally, this is done in a way that creates a sustainable vital public domain, where creativity thrives and is permanently appreciated.

What are the new learning environments that cleverly combine knowledge and testing platforms, startups, and free zones? How can educational institutions transform into dynamic anchor points of the urban economy? Will they be able to train people for jobs that haven’t been created yet, rather than for jobs that no longer exist?

Based on her award winning designs for the Library of Birmingham, the Delft University of Technology Library, and Amsterdam University College, Francine Houben will discuss her views on education, the city and the Next Economy.

Respondent for the lecture is Jet Bussemaker, the Dutch Minister of Education, Culture and Science (subject to change). The lecture takes place from 5.30 to 7 p.m. at the auditorium of THE NEXT ECONOMY-exhibition at Fenixloods II in Rotterdam. Language is English. Admission is free, provided you can produce a valid exhibition ticket. A reservation in advance is highly recommended and can be made on the IABR website.

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