07 06 2016 Affordable for whom Dick van Gameren talks social housing at RIBA

Affordable for whom? Dick van Gameren talks social housing at RIBA

07.06.2016 - Events

In the midst of a growing housing crisis, can architects offer a solution to affordable homes? That is the main question of a discussion session at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London on Tuesday June 14.

Dick van Gameren will offer insights from the Netherlands, where Mecanoo revolutionised social housing in the 1980s. A panel of architects and housing experts discuss what can be learned from the European perspective on social housing and how to unpick the British preoccupation with homeownership. Other speakers include Jamie Fobert (Jamie Fobert Architects) and Ken Baikie (Peabody).

The event is part of the exhibition 'At Home in Britain: Designing the House of Tomorrow' at The Architecture Gallery. Researching the history of housing in the UK, and looking at the way different types of communal spaces define collective living, Mecanoo created The Mecanoo Mansion, a model for the twenty-first century mansion flat, especially for the exhibition.

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