27 10 2016 Francine Houben talks about libraries for the future in New York

Francine Houben talks about libraries for the future in New York

27.10.2016 - Events

AIA New York will host a symposium on Libraries for the Future on Saturday, 29 October 2016 at The Center for Architecture in New York. As one of the speakers in a panel discussion on The Architecture and Spatial Design of Libraries, Francine Houben will share her vision on library design.

The symposium consists of two panels. The first panel looks at the role of libraries in civic life and what they have become in the digital world. The second panel looks at how the mission of modern libraries is translated into form, into place making, into building. What makes a building look and feel like a library? How is privacy and publicness negotiated in the library? Francine will be joined in this session by Clifford Gayley (William Rawn Associates), Chris McVoy (Steven Holl Architects), and Abigail Van Slyck (Dayton Professor of Art History, Connecticut College).

A closing keynote by Anthony Vidler, Professor at the Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture of The Cooper Union, will offer conclusions and bring questions from the two panels together to find common threads and open challenges that shape the ever-evolving role of the library in our age and in our cities.

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