01 11 2016 Langebrug Student Housing officially opened

Langebrug Student Housing officially opened

01.11.2016 - Project updates

Langebrug Student Housing in the heart of the historical centre of Leiden was officially opened on Wednesday 2 November. Designed by Dick van Gameren, the complex includes 251 residences which have been built across five volumes. Together, they restore the medieval street plan of alleyways and courtyards that once characterised this area of the city.

Brick masonry walls are combined with white plaster to resonate with the aesthetics of the immediate surroundings. The green courtyards, visible through the open ports in the garden walls, contrast with the small red pavers in the alleyways. The design preserves the former fire hose drying tower and includes a reconstruction of the church facade along the Langebrug Street.

Special attention has been paid to the communal entries and hallways of the complex. Daylight and organically sweeping masonry walls guide movement from the main entrance to the individual front doors. Langebrug Student Housing consists of 35 individual residences and 216 shared residences.

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