02 12 2016 Reimagining the Public Library Francine Houben lecture in Chicago

Reimagining the Public Library Francine Houben lecture in Chicago

02.12.2016 - Events

Francine Houben will give an Architect Talk at the Chicago Architecture Foundation on Thursday December 8, 2016. In the lecture, Francine, will reflect on her 30-year international career, her design inspirations and several Mecanoo commissions.

Among other projects, the lecture will feature Mecanoo’s work on libraries such as the Delft University of Technology library, the award-winning Library of Birmingham, and the renovations of the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington DC and the New York Public Library Midtown Campus.

Following the lecture, Francine will answer questions in a live interview with Brian Bannon, Commissioner and CEO of Chicago Public Library – with its 80 libraries and 10 million annual patrons, the most visited civic institution in Chicago.

For the Architect Talks lecture programme, the Chicago Architecture Foundation regularly invites well-regarded international architects at mid and late stages of their careers to share explorations of their signature building – delving into career highlights and reflections on the evolution of their style and approach to design.

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