Video: A sneak peek at Córdoba’s Palace of Justice

07.03.2017 - Project updates

The completion of the Palace of Justice in Córdoba, Spain, is only a few months away. A new video by Mecanoo gives a sneak peek at the largescale project, which has been under construction since 2014.

Located in a residential area on the outskirts of Córdoba, the city’s new courthouse contains 26 courtrooms, a forensic institute and public services. With the smart integration of a striking design that recalls historic Córdoba and its Moorish influences in a contemporary way, the building adds appeal to its surroundings.

The video shows the effect of the building’s perforated facades which filters the light and absorbs heat. The filigree gives the building an elegant outside appearance, and creates interesting light and shadow patterns inside. Applied to the facades of the patios are gold-coloured anodized aluminium screens which contrast with the GRC panels of the perimeter facades.

Mecanoo won the international competition for the Palace of Justice in 2006.
The building will start operation mid-2017.

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