HUBB lands at Delft University of Technology Library

15.03.2017 - Project updates

HUBB, the modular furniture system designed by Mecanoo and Gispen, will be placed inside the Delft University of Technology Library for the ‘Explore your Brain’ festival. HUBB will be tested by students and staff to answer the questions on what the ideal place to study is and what works best for the brain.

HUBB has been designed to create tailored learning environments which facilitate various activities. The innovative furniture series consists of a series of elements with a seemingly straightforward basic shape, which can be linked to form endless combinations and variations.

“HUBB acts as the backbone of a learning landscape allowing a wide range of different activities to take place within the same space: from a zone for focussed working, to a zone for collaboration, to a zone where one can meet friends and relax. Its universal design ensures these zones to blend seamlessly with each other”, Paul Ketelaars, partner at Mecanoo explains.

Running from March 13 until April 7, 2017, ‘Explore your Brain’ is part of the celebrations programme for the 175th anniversary of the Delft University of Technology. During the festival the Library invites students, employees and the general public to visit workshops and lectures, use the digital shower, play brain-challenging games, and more.

The iconic Delft University of Technology Library is one of Mecanoo’s most recognisable buildings. Designed with the digital transition in mind, it continues to meets expectations more than two decades after its opening.

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