26 01 2017 Life Sciences Incubator at Utrecht Science Park officially opened

Life Sciences Incubator at Utrecht Science Park officially opened

23.03.2017 - Project updates

Giesbers and Mecanoo completed a distinctive new building at Utrecht Science Park: the Life Sciences Incubator (LSI). Behind its striking glazed facade, the building houses an inviting and flexible work environment with both laboratories and offices. The efficient use of space allows LSI to adapt to the changing needs of its users, both start-ups and publicly traded companies in the bioscience field, now and in the future.

Paul Ketelaars, partner at Mecanoo architecten:
“Sustainability is intertwined with the integrated architectural concept for LSI. The distinctive angled facade is an innovative design solution that provides the basis for the energy concept, whilst giving the building a recognisable profile and very spacious interior.”

The tilted triple glazed window panes act as a natural sun and heat protector. The facade is built up of panels combining glazing with recyclable composite material, both of which positively impact the life cycle costs in relation to replacement, maintenance and durability. The integrated architectural approach has resulted in a BREEAM-NL “Outstanding” design certificate for LSI.

Skylights in the roof flood the atrium with natural light, resulting in a welcoming central area. Walkways and staircases zigzag through the atrium, forming shortcuts between different departments. Meeting spaces situated where walkways intersect promote collaboration between the users of the incubator.

Oscar Schoots, director of Utrecht Holdings and LSI:
"The innovative architecture blends perfectly with the ambitions for LSI: to provide an open structure which encourages collaboration between its users. We see that this approach works and that companies use each other's facilities. It’s a deliberate choice to have a mix of start-ups and more established companies so they can learn from one another.”

LSI is co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund of the European Union, and contributions from the City of Utrecht and the Province of Utrecht. Utrecht University and Utrecht Holdings are founding partners of the LSI.

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