30 05 2017 Mecanoo present its approach to Virtual Reality in Venice

Mecanoo present its approach to Virtual Reality in Venice

30.05.2017 - Events

Johan Hanegraaf, architectural engineer and design technology specialist at Mecanoo, is one of the speakers at Im-Arch in Venice, Italy on June 1, 2017. The international conference focuses on Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR) in architecture. Johan will present Mecanoo’s approach to AR and VR, Computational Design (CD), Building Information Modeling (BIM), and other design technologies for working on public and commercial buildings.

In an interview with designboom, he shared his thoughts on how VR will change the way that architecture firms engage with clients, the media, and the broader public.

“VR is particularly powerful in allowing your clients to interact with and better understand the unbuilt design," Johan said. "It shows how changes affect space, allowing us to better advise and engage our clients and raise the overall quality of our designs. I see VR developing into an increasingly popular communication device in the years to come. Imagine how VR tours of buildings could show the spatial and organisational aspects of our work to a much wider audience. VR will ultimately grant a more immersive way to preview buildings than traditional 2D media.”

By focusing on innovation of communication strategies, the Im-Arch conference aims to bring together all those who are interested in empowering their design process with Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Mixed Reality technologies.

Full article on Designboom.

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