13 09 2017 Craftsmanship in the Digital Age Architecture Values and Digital Fabrication

Francine Houben joins debate at The Aedes Metropolitan Laboratory

13.09.2017 - Events

Francine Houben joins the third discussion in the ANCB series Craftsmanship in the Digital Age: Architecture, Values and Digital Fabrication, Friday 15th of September at 6pm at The Netherlands Embassy in Berlin. Martin Tamke, Frank Heinlein and Sebastian von Oppen will join the debate moderated by Áine Ryan, Daniel Büning, Helga Kühnhenrich and Arnd Rose.

This third discussion will touch upon the broad spectrum of societal issues relevant to architecture practice; identifying the factors that give certain issues, such as cost efficiency and energy performance, influence over the architecture profession and the building industry. Due to the close collaboration between manufacturer and architect that digital fabrication demands, a timely moment is presented to reintroduce critical craftsmanship values for building practice. Though discussion, the participants will articulate what digital fabrication realistically offers in this regard.

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