25 10 2017

Johan Hanegraaf on Virtual Reality at VR Days in Amsterdam

25.10.2017 - Events

Johan Hanegraaf,  architectural engineer and design technology specialist at Mecanoo, is one of the speakers at VR Days in Amsterdam, October 26, 15:30 at Kromhouthal. 

In this talk Johan will take us through the brief history of digital design tools, and show how Building Information Modelling, Game Technology and Virtual Reality affected the modern architectural practice. Immersive technologies allow us to simulate new ways of interaction with our 3D media; a demo of ArchiSpace gives us a glimpse on how it can be used as a more immersive way to design our future surroundings.

With ArchiSpace, Johan tries to bridge the gap between computation and intuition by creating a virtual prototype space for architects. He strongly believes that using smarter design tools will improve collaboration, enhance creativity and will lead to a better built environment.

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