22 11 2017 Learning Environments with Arne Lijbers at Raumwelten 1

Learning Environments with Arne Lijbers at Raumwelten

22.11.2017 - Events

Arne Lijbers, Associate Architect at Mecanoo, will be one of the speakers at Raumwelten in Ludwigsburg, Stuttgart, on the 24th of November. Arne will be joined in the panel “Learning Environments: New Learning Worlds” by two other speakers, Birgit Gebhardt from Trendexpertin and Jörg Schmidtsiefen, Managing Partner at Archimedes Exhibitions GmbH. The debate will be curated by Dr. Petra Kiedaisch.

In this lecture, Arne will present the Library of Birmingham in the United Kingdom and the recent design for the Mid-Manhattan Library in New York as projects that incorporate the vision of Learning Environments.

The question which Raumwelten 2017 raises is: how to shape change creatively and constructively? In this context, real and virtual space plays a crucial part, as it structures and stages the meeting of people and different cultures, but also of customers and products. Especially in this confusing age of digitalisation, interactivity and individualisation, these spaces are given a meaning – as working, learning and leisure environments – far beyond their function: emotion and narration, game and experience come to the fore, while in the background new principles of order and design, based on algorithms and artificial intelligence, are being established…  

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