28 06 2018

Keith Haring mural revealed at Mecanoo’s new masterplan after being hidden for 30 years

28.06.2018 - Project updates

The Keith Haring mural in Amsterdam, his largest preserved piece in public space in Europe, is once again out in the open for the public to enjoy. It shows a “sea monster” painted with thick line. Created on the former depot of the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam in 1986, it was concealed behind aluminium plates for the past 30 years.

Four years ago, graffiti artist Aileen Middel aka Mick la Rock took the initiative to bring all parties involved together and to motivate and convince everyone of the importance of preserving this piece. As the artist explains, all she wanted was to see the Haring given back to Amsterdam and the world.

Now that the mural is out in the open, the Stedelijk Museum, The Keith Haring Foundation, The Municipality of Amsterdam and the project developers of Marktkwartier West designed by Mecanoo will continue the dialogue to see how the mural can be best preserved for the future.

Haring's Amsterdam mural adds to the long list of public artwork that the artist left behind in cities around the world. Other examples of his street art can be found in Berlin, Sydney, Rio de Janeiro, and New York.

The mural is currently not publicly accessible but can be seen from Willem de Zwijgerlaan Street in Amsterdam West.

Image courtesy of Mick La Rock.

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