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Mecanoo selected for the renovation of the DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) in Amsterdam

09.11.2018 - Project updates

Mecanoo was selected through a European Tender for the thorough renovation of the DNB building at Frederiksplein. DNB (De Nederlandsche Bank) is pleased to announce their collaboration with Francine Houben and her team to realize the design. Mecanoo has built similar projects, such as Eurojust in The Hague and the Palace of Justice in Córdoba. Additionally, Mecanoo is currently renovating several large public buildings including the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library in Washington and the New York Public Library. Mecanoo’s winning entry was realized in collaboration with Skonk Works and IGG Bouweconomie.


Following the selection of the architect, the design of the renovation will take shape in 2019. DNB will move to a temporary location at Spaklerweg 4 in Amsterdam (the Tootop building) in early 2020, after which the renovation will begin. The employees of the banknote company and the gold vault will remain in the DNB building until the opening of the new Cash Center at Camp New Amsterdam in Zeist, which is expected in 2022. The visitor centre will remain open during the renovation at the current location at Sarphatistraat 1.


The fifty-year-old DNB building has outdated installations and is no longer sustainable. In 2024, DNB will move back into its renovated headquarters at Frederiksplein. The building will then contribute to a sustainable, future-proof and welcoming Dutch National Bank.

Official announcement via DNB.

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