2019 04 10 1

Mecanoo will transform the monumental Meneba factory near Amsterdam into a thriving community

Project updates

On 10 April 2019, developer Waterland Real Estate and the city of Zaanstad signed an agreement to transform the monumental Meneba factory in Wormerveer into a thriving community.

Over the course of a century, an impressive factory site has been constructed along the river Zaan, near Amsterdam. After the first world war, the factory started as a flour mill and bakers’ cooperative that ensured flour delivery to bakeries.

Now part of the industrial heritage, the complex is slated for transformation into an attractive mix of programmes: housing, working spaces, restaurants, retail and events. This will ultimately be a new community on the Zaan.

Mecanoo’s design will emphasise the iconic value of the site and bring it to the next level regarding People, Place, Purpose and Poetry.