2019 04 16 Dick van Gameren lectures at Bengal Institute 1

Dick van Gameren lectures at Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements

16.04.2019 - Events

Dick van Gameren, Design and Research Director at Mecanoo, will give a public lecture included in the workshop “Space of Water: A Floating Workshop for the Bengal Delta” at the Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements (BIALS ) in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Thursday, April 25, from 18:30.

Dick will present a selection of projects from the Mecanoo portfolio which addresses proposals for water management, how to shape, embrace and cohabit; in many ways the same challenges faced by the Netherlands, a country below sea level with a long history of water management and land expansion.

‘Space of Water‘ - This workshop seeks to understand and design floating structures that contain, explore and reveal space. Working with, rather than against the forces of water, such infrastructure can help us to better live in balance with water-dominated territories.

Through examples, participants will be introduced to the theoretical, technical and poetic ground for inhabiting the waters. This will lead to the design of prototypes for a floating workshop to explore the Bengal Delta.

These designs will be tested as buoyant ideas, navigable vessels, pieces of architecture and tools to discover the varied ecologies of the Delta. In exploring the nature of the Delta, the workshop is a microcosm of the voyage the vessel may one day take.

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