2019 07 02 Co-Creation Centre at The Green Village starts next phase

Co-Creation Centre at TU Delft Campus - The Green Village starts next phase

02.07.2019 - Project updates

With a festive and inspiring breakfast meeting at The Green Village on 27 June, the next phase of the development and realization of the Co-Creation Centre has started. Scientists, business and government gathered to celebrate the results achieved so far, to share the planning for the next phase and to call for action in regard to the organization and further development of the Co-Creation Centre.

After a long and intensive preparation period, the realization of the Co-Creation Centre (CCC) has recently started. The Co-Creation Centre at The Green Village is the place where research, co-creation, and inspiration come together. Individual research and innovation projects are challenging enough in their own preparation and implementation. The aim is to have these individual elements integrated early next year into a functioning building, where researchers, entrepreneurs, governments and the public can come together and work on the transition towards a sustainable society.

Mecanoo is responsible for the integration of various innovation projects. Armand Paardekooper: “In contrast to normal projects, this co-creation process does not exactly have everything fixed in advance. And that makes it interesting and challenging for us. Regularly, even now, there are good in-depth discussions about fitting in more new innovations and elements. With our subsidiary MecLab, we want to continue contributing to the further development and realization of the Co-Creation Centre ”.

The construction of the foundation piles with heat exchange function (Energy piles) and the circular concrete used in the substructure (Circuton) have now been carried out. After the summer, a start will be made with the superstructure and then with the installation of the climate tower. "In complex projects like this, where we work in co-creation on truly innovative solutions, trust, flexibility, and joint ambition form the basis for collaboration," said Hubert Linssen, Manager Building & Realization at The Green Village and project leader of the Co-Creation Centre-project.

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