Francine Houben at Architects, not Architecture at the Kunsthal Rotterdam 1

Francine Houben at the event series 'Architects, not Architecture' at the Kunsthal Rotterdam

24.09.2019 - Events

The event series Architects, not Architecture will hold its first edition in the Netherlands. Every architect knows famous buildings – but do you know the people, who designed and built them? Who are they and how did they become what they are today? You will find the answers, and a lot more, at the Kunsthal Rotterdam on 3rd October.

On 3rd October, two relevant Dutch architects and one special guest will talk about their personal experiences and important creative periods in their lives and, as always at “Architects, not Architecture “, not a word may be lost about their projects:

Francine Houben, co-founder of Mecanoo
Daniel Libeskind, founder of Studio Daniel Libeskind
Sylvia Karres, co-founder of Karres en Brands

The three of them are well-known for their significant work. Francine Houben graduated with cum laude honours from the Delft University of Technology and founded Mecanoo architecten, which has grown into a prominent Dutch architecture practice. She bases her work on precise analysis coupled with an intuition built over three decades and interweaves social, technical, playful and human aspects of space-making together, in order to create a unique solution to each architectural challenge.

The Polish-born and New York-based Daniel Libeskind is characterized by a narrative language of forms. He uses elements that explicitly refer to extra-architectural content and thus have a different meaning in context. He recently published his biographical book, which will be sold at the event, where the attendees will also have the opportunity to get a signed copy / will have a live signing by Libeskind.

For Sylvia Karres, intuition and a ‘sense of place’ play an important role in her output. She tackles a variety of tasks in the public domain with her offices, both at home and abroad. These three all have a different focus in their work, which makes the evening even more exciting, but they all have in common that their approach to architecture goes far beyond its limits.

The concept is always the same and has already inspired hundreds of people in different cities. Architects, not Architecture or “AnA” – as the name suggests – provides a glimpse on great personalities of architecture. The event series is not about the projects of the architects, but about them as individuals, their professional backgrounds and formative individual experiences that shaped the projects we all know. This provides new perspectives and inspires on a more personal level. Come to Kunsthal and discover a new kind of event series.

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