2019 10 08 Join Armand Paardekooper at Walk 21 in Rotterdam

Join Armand Paardekooper at Walk 21 in Rotterdam

08.10.2019 - Events

On October 8th at 11:30 – 12:30 Armand Paardekooper Overman will be hosting a breakout session - City Centre Transformations For More Walking - in theatre De Doelen in Rotterdam.

The Municipality of Rotterdam asked Mecanoo to study the possibilities to make the Central District in Rotterdam more attractive. The outcome was simple: make it into a Walking District. “A high rise city should also be a walkable city” says Armand Paardekooper Overman. “For an attractive and healthy city, we should focus more on walking and ‘hanging out’ than on speed. It is about the City you want to stay in, not the city you want to drive through”.

Walk21 is an international charity dedicated to ensuring the right to walk and the opportunity to enjoy. It is supported and encouraged for everyone across the world. Walk21 started in 2000 with a conference in London and the conference has been held every year since, in different cities around the world.

Every year always draws on the best information and presenters worldwide, and delegates come from around the globe. In the past years, the congress Walk21 was held in Bogota, Calgary, Hong Kong, Vienna, and Sidney. This year Rotterdam is delighted to be hosting the 20th International Conference on Walking and Livable Communities in partnership with Walk21 from October 7th till 10th 2019.

For more information, please visit W21 RDM

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