2019 11 08 Strandeiland IJburg two islands with distinct character

Strandeiland IJburg: two 'islands' with distinct character

08.11.2019 - Project updates

The urban development plan for Strandeiland was made by Team IJ-Atelier, which joins the municipality of Amsterdam, Mecanoo, FARO architects and DELVA Landscape Architecture Urbanism. The team strives to turn Strandeiland into a 'nature-inclusive', emission-free and energy-generating sustainable neighbourhood.

The 150-hectare Strandeiland, which will be one of the largest neighbourhoods in Amsterdam, consists of two main islands that are separated by inland water (called Het Oog). The islands, Pampusbuurt (north) and Muiderbuurt (south), have a distinct character. Team IJ-Atelier will, therefore, use different urban planning and architectural strategies for the planning of each island.

The Pampusbuurt is characterised by streets that run east-west in straight lines, while Muiderbuurt displays a more organic pattern. Both islands are rich with greenery, in the form of parks, rows of trees and other green public spaces. Het Oog is the 'blue heart' of Strandeiland, where residents and visitors can relax, meet and socialise. There will be play and fitness areas, catering facilities, a city beach and a jetty for boats. A tram line will run along the park on the south side of Het Oog.

The first part of Strandeiland, where 5,000 homes are being built, has already started. The second part will consist of another 3,000 homes. Schools, sports fields and commercial functions are also part of the urban plan. The municipality of Amsterdam is currently investigating the consequences of the Council of State's nitrogen ruling for the island.

The Amsterdam College of Mayors and Alderpersons has also given green light for the conceptual planning of the Buiteneiland, the last island to be realized in the IJburg archipelago. This 45-hectare island has a circular shape and will boast a "strong natural character", with space for sports, recreation and culture. Buiteneiland will be designed to accommodate between 200 to 500 homes.

The realization of the Buiteneiland will start in 2023.

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