2020 03 12  Journal der Künste 12

Journal der Künste 12

12.03.2020 - Publications

The topics of Europe, cultural memory and sustainability will accompany the Akademie der Künste in 2020. With the 12th edition of the journal, the Akademie provides insights into the specific projects of the year, but also take up the discussions that follow on from the priorities of the past year and target platforms for 2021.

"Libraries are the most important public buildings of all. The cathedrals of our time"

Francine Houben reflects on her expertise acquired over three decades working on libraries and learning environments. Francine anticipates the opening of three new Mecanoo libraries that soon will grace the library portfolio: Mid-Manhattan Library, New York; Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Library, Washington D.C. and the Tainan Public Library, Taiwan.

Nowadays, libraries are more than just warehouses for words. They are coming alive as venues of culture, and education not just scholars but for all. They are hubs for community services and events. The buildings which libraries occupy should be anchors and catalysts for urban renewal, not just of the built environment, but the life and interaction of people, inside and out.

This will be an exciting year for Mecanoo, reinforcing our commitment to designing meaningful learning environments that enhance communities.

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