2020 04 16 Dordrecht Spoorzone

Mecanoo get started with development of Spoorzone Dordrecht

16.04.2020 - Project updates

Mecanoo led by Francine Houben is commissioned by the municipality to create a development vision for the Spoorzone (railway zone) in Dordrecht. This includes the development areas Maasterras, Spuiboulevard, station area Dordrecht Central, Leerpark (Learning Park) and Health Park. The overarching vision brings spatial and substantive coherence in the development of these areas. The aim is to create an attractive, healthy living environment for existing and new residents and businesses.

Ambitions to grow

Dordrecht has ambitions to grow considerably. In the period up to 2022, the municipal executive wants to realise 4,000 new homes and an additional 6,000 homes in the period from 2022-2030. The main development locations are situated in the Spoorzone. This railway zone runs from the Maasterras via Spuiboulevard, station area Dordrecht Central, Leerpark and Health Park to Amstelwijck.

Development vision

There is already a clear vision and urban plan for a number of sub-areas such as Leerpark and Health Park. Only ambitions have been formulated for the area between the Maas and Central Station. The municipality requires an overarching vision. Mecanoo will therefore translate these ambitions into an overarching vision that strengthens the cohesion between the various development locations. Part of the vision is a strategy to realise the plans, including a planning and financial translation. The vision should visualise the area's opportunities with investors and developers. The concept vision will be completed in June.


The result of this development process is a long-term perspective. As Mecanoo put it themselves: "Dordrecht is going to build a lot within the existing city. The main question is: Where do we want to go as a city? How do we make a city that is attractive and healthy, that offers a social and economic perspective for the long term? The railway zone can be very important in this respect. "


Councillor Piet Sleeking says that the municipality has consciously opted for Mecanoo. “This agency has a great reputation internationally. In the Netherlands, Mecanoo has made a special contribution to the development of the railway zone in Delft with the Municipal Offices and Station Delft." In addition to major projects in Rotterdam and The Hague, Mecanoo has also worked with NS and ProRail on the train of the future. This knowledge about the changing forms of mobility is given an important place in the vision for the Spoorzone.

For more information, please contact: Duco Hoogland, Opgavemanager Bereikbare Stad.

If you would like to discuss a press enquiry reach out to us at pr@mecanoo.nl