2020 04 21 A fresh look for mecanoo.nl

A fresh look for mecanoo.nl

20.04.2020 - Publications

Brand relevance and awareness is not achieved solely through advertising but also through the creation of experiences that convey values and portray a sense of purpose. At Mecanoo, we ensure that continual digital improvement becomes part of everyday working life.

We continue to develop our website, adding projects, news and implementing new features to keep up with technological demands. As of today, the website has a fresh look with updated UX and typography – the wonderful Maison Neue - more room for images and splashes of Mecanoo Blue.

The layout of the website was adjusted for a full screen performance. This new experience is in line with current trends on web design, both modern and with a special focus on big imagery. Layout, imagery and font had to be re organized and adjusted to provide this new experience. The overall look and feel has been simplified, moving towards a more minimal design. This update also allows the new logo to be applied and our longtime friend - the diver - with a playful twist.

With particular attention to harmony, rhythm and flow, the new typeface also accounts for up-to-date display and reproduction technologies to create a distinctly contemporary grotesque with a classic touch. Typography is extremely important, the right combination with engaging and creative fonts will not only aid you in molding your image: it can also express the character of your site or products.

Welcome to the world of Mecanoo.

If you would like to discuss a press enquiry reach out to us at pr@mecanoo.nl