2020 11 25

Mecanoo completes interior transformation of Blaak555

25.11.2020 - Project updates

Located in the prominent Blaak business centre in the heart of Rotterdam, at the eponymous address, Five55 is a multi-tenant building housing several companies. Mecanoo was commissioned to upgrade the office building to meet the changing needs of its occupants and to boost the connections to the surroundings.

Occupying an existing 107 m-tall tower from 1996, Five55 consists of 26 office levels and a double-height plinth. The shape of the building and the transparent podium create an inviting atmosphere at street level. Walking into an office reception for the first time can tell you a lot about a business. At Five55, the layout, style, and furnishings all give visitors clues about the companies and the image they want to portray.

A careful balance between a business aesthetic and an informal lively feel is achieved through the creation of public and dynamic common spaces on the ground floor. Upon entering, a combined reception and coffee bar create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Designed to improve and stimulate social interaction, four main areas organise the layout, grouping circulation, bars, kitchen and seating.

Corrugated recycled leather gives these cores a distinct identity that draws people together. Areas for focused tasks and collective working border the main cores and have a direct visual connection to the outside. A green terrace and lounge spaces activate the back of the building. Combining and repeating similar interior design elements was the way to achieve a subtle continuity throughout the building.

The colour scheme, furniture and materials are carefully coordinated to support the identity of the companies residing in the building, their offerings and reputation. There is a diversity of settings for meeting, collaboration, and concentrated work. Warm materials such as walnut wood, leather and fabric complement the existing marble floor and give the space a warm and welcoming feeling.

Terrazzo countertops accent the restaurant. Geometric patterns with angular shapes like the chevron wooden floors and tiled walls balance and harmonize the space. Five55 beacons a new identity, with a bright sign visible both inside and out. This eye-catching element makes a statement about the dynamic and exciting inner life of the building.

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