2020 01 25 The future of Dordrecht outlined with the vision for Dordtse Spoorzone 2040 1

The future of Dordrecht outlined with the vision for Spoorzone Dordrecht 2040

26.01.2021 - Project updates

Beautifully situated in the heart of nature found in the Dutch Delta, Dordrecht is a city of innovation, trade, maritime industry and culture. Both the city and the region are growing and are facing major spatial challenges. The vision for Spoorzone Dordrecht (railway zone) outlines a future picture for the city in 2040.

The development assignment of approximately 6,000 homes and facilities will transform the railway into a pleasant destination and connect existing neighbourhoods to new city districts with spectacular green areas. The vision builds on the beauty of the oldest city in Holland, the nature of the Dutch Delta, but also raw elements such as infrastructure, railways and industry. 

The Stadsbrug will be transformed from a motorway into a high-level green city park. Here you can walk and cycle between the new residential buildings along the river front with a view of the Oude Maas river and the city. The green estate of Weizigtpark connects across the railway, enabling access into the city centre through the greenery. Dordrecht Central Station will be the greenest station in the Netherlands and on the Oude Maas river people will live 'with their feet on the water' in a car-free neighbourhood. New residential areas will be built entirely from wood sourced from production forests on the island. This is one of the examples of strengthening a local and sustainable economy. 

In 2040, the railway will no longer form a barrier in the city, but will become a place to stay, a place of connectivity with space for new developments. A city that shows how we can resolve the major challenges of our time. Spoorzone Dordrecht will be the guiding principle for the development of the city in the coming years.

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