Nemag Offices 1

Mecanoo designs offices for Dutch company Nemag

15.07.2021 - Project updates

Mecanoo designs new offices for Dutch company Nemag, one of the largest and oldest companies on the Schouwen-Duiveland, the Netherlands. Nemag is positioned 20th by the Dutch Chamber of Commerce for most innovative companies (MKB) in the Netherlands.

Nemag’s current factory is located in De Zuidhoek industrial site on a 1950’s building. The factory will keep its exterior industrial character while the inside will be updated to accommodate the latest technologies and integrate the new extension, strengthening the connection between people and departments. 

Innovation is paramount for Nemag, as such the outdated office building will be replaced by a new design by Mecanoo with strong visual connections between the production area and the offices, this is key to establish a healthy working environment that stimulates synergy between the various departments within the factory. 

The heart of the new build will embrace this concept with a central atrium where production and offices are visually connected by a 9x7 metre window. The new design is inspired by sheet piles and Corten steel, a nod to the maritime character of Nemag. The design extends into the surroundings, with 15,000m2 of landscape designed spaces bringing nature into the industrial character of the site. The landscape character has been designed as a Zeeland landscape with grasses, channels, wadis and native trees.

The building, which will be approximately twice the size of the existing office, starts construction next October and will take approximately one year to complete.

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