De Kwartiermaker 1

De Kwartiermaker: a new urban beacon for Amsterdam

26.07.2021 - Project updates

De Kwartiermaker is located on the Haarlemmerweg: on the corner of the Westerkwartier business center and adjacent to the Brettenzone, the green lung of Amsterdam-West. It also marks the new entrance to the southern Foodcenter. Mecanoo's design connects the business park with the park through a diverse mix of functions. Designed in a green landscape that connects to the Brettenzone and provides a spectacular working environment. People and functions come together in and around the building, a place that creates value for the entire area.

While the building functions as an urban beacon from the Haarlemmerweg, the inner area reflects more what takes place in the buildings. A mix of work, making, catering and culture will form a diverse and attractive space. In addition, the public program ensures a varied activity in the building: not only in the plinth, but around and throughout the building. On the roof, a changing pop-up program with pavilions and catering provides a valuable interpretation for the area and surroundings. De Kwartiermaker thus functions as a lively building that stimulates encounters both within the area and within the building.

The shape of De Kwartiermaker with its prominent staircases and inviting terraces stimulate movement and the use of the stairs. As an inviting infrastructure to reach the higher public programs, but also for meeting, outdoor gym or as a grandstand in the Westerpark. By connecting De Kwartiermaker to surrounding walking and cycling routes, we invite users to actively exercise and use the bicycle as one of the most important means of transport. The public transport stop in front of the door also stimulates sustainable transport and limits car traffic.

The green is not only aesthetic, but also functional and part of the climate-adaptive and nature-inclusive concept of the building. Existing green roofs and terraces on De Kwartiermaker connect an attractive green landscape with the Brettenzone and the adjacent Westerpark. The position of the terraces and the green cladding provide a naturally cooling sun screen in summer, minimizing the need for cooling. The terraces of De Kwartiermaker also function as smart vegetated noise barriers that shield the users from the noise of the cars on the Haarlemmerweg and create a healthy living environment for the users.

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