2021 11 16 DETAIL x2 Game

DETAIL x 2 Libraries

16.11.2021 - Publications

DETAIL releases a new memory game for culture lovers and architecture fans: the new DETAIL x 2 card set introduces 32 libraries from around the world. Your architecture is shown on the maps with a photo and a floor plan or section. The goal is to find the right pair: Which drawing goes with which photo?

Also involved are flagship projects such as the Library of Birmingham by Mecanoo, the Oodi Central Library in Helsinki (FI) by ALA Architects and the Calgary Public Library by Snøhetta. When playing DETAIL x 2, brain cells get going: Who recognizes which library? Who can read floor plans best? Which cut fits which photo? As an aid, DETAIL included an overview poster on which all libraries are listed with brief project data.

Find out more about this product at DETAIL.

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