2022 02 07

Render vs Reality: How Mecanoo masters the image in design - Architizer

01.12.2022 - Publications

Mecanoo has become known for the team’s astute eye and restraint in architectural renderings. As part of their Render vs Reality series, the team showcases how closely renderings can reflect the built reality of their work. Understanding renderings as essential tools that are both promises to clients and the general public, as well as representations of a shared vision, Mecanoo is rethinking what architectural visualization means today.

Advocating a design methodology rooted in people and place, Mecanoo is a firm that challenges designers to enhance and enrich the human condition. Since its official inception in 1984, the practice has transformed from a group of students to a global firm. They’ve built an iconic body of work, with projects like the library at Delft University of Technology, the Library of Birmingham, and the Longgang Cultural Centre in Shenzhen, China. For them, rendering is a tool that can serve multiple purposes, from communicating intent and storytelling to the everyday exploration of design options.

Putting the power of illustrations to the test, the Render vs Reality projects juxtaposes renderings against photographs of the design matching the same angle and viewpoint. With this social media project, Mecanoo emphasizes the studio’s ability to deliver on its proposals. The following showcases a few of these rendering comparisons, as well as the descriptions of the projects Mecanoo is bringing to life.

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