2022 02 23

Cartesius Utrecht: world-class sustainable urban development gets approved

23.02.2022 - Project updates

The zoning plan for the Cartesius Utrecht sustainable urban development designed by Mecanoo is officially approved. More than 2800 homes will be built in Cartesius, Utrecht, next to the Zuilen station. This large-scale development in an inner-city area will offer all conditions for a long, healthy, and happy life. A living environment where residents and visitors are in harmony with people and nature.

Cartesius Utrecht, inspired by the scientifical theory of the Blue Zones, will be a lively, sustainable, and healthy urban district with parks, a primary school, sports hall, a supermarket with a variety of organic and healthy products, catering, and space for culture.

“Cartesius Utrecht makes a world-class healthy and sustainable statement. Never before have we been able to make such an impact in an area of development as we are doing now. We don't just set the scene for life; we create a complete environment that encourages healthy behaviour through our holistic approach.” - Onno Dwars, CEO Ballast Nedam Development

In and around the Cartesius Utrecht community people live in harmony with each other, the city and nature. It is a place to recharge your body and mind. The monumental building known as the CAB will act as a neighbourhood living room and the vibrant centre of the district. Extensive green spaces, shared mobility, walking, and cycling are some of the design guidelines.

Utrecht alderman Klaas Verschuure (Spatial Development) appreciates Cartesius Utrecht: “In this new urban district, we will soon experience Healthy Urban Living for everyone. It also shows that a large number of homes can be built within the existing city, and close to a public transport hub, with a lot of attention to a beautiful and green outdoor space”. The Cartesius Utrecht development consists of different phases. The 1st phase includes 322 mid-rental homes from Keystone Vastgoed and phases 2-6 will create 2530 homes developed by Ballast Nedam Development and MRP. The emerging city district will total 2852 homes.

MRP and Ballast Nedam Development, develop and build according to the latest insights in well-being, sustainability, ecology, and circularity. Now that the zoning plan is final, construction can start next year. It will take about six years to deliver all the homes.

If you would like to discuss a press enquiry reach out to us at pr@mecanoo.nl