2022 03 03

De Nieuwe Overdekte, a new cultural hotspot in Alkmaar

03.03.2022 - Project updates

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and ABC Huis (Kennemerwaard Library and Artiance Centre for the Arts) are joining forces in the development of a new cultural building on Canadaplein. 'De Nieuwe Overdekte' will be a multidisciplinary stage for and throughout the city including spaces with attractive programme, large groups and high-quality exhibitions.

The number of inhabitants of Alkmaar and the region is growing rapidly. In order to continue to fulfil Alkmaar's role as the cultural capital of the region, it’s necessary to renew the current building on Canadaplein, designed by Mecanoo and completed in 2000. The proposal is to expand it into an innovative, future-proof landmark. A hotspot for residents and visitors with multifunctional spaces and a stimulating programming aimed at active and passive art and cultural experiences. De Nieuwe Overdekte wants to be a pivot in attracting and facilitating talent and community art projects.

The new building contains a transparent and accessible plinth over the entire building with a cosmopolitan grand café, a museum shop, an exhibition space for contemporary art and a small room for cross-over programming. In the new building, Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar will have extra space with a large hall for high-quality art exhibitions and a restaurant with a roof terrace and roof gardens, boasting phenomenal views of the city. The library can expand into both study and silent spaces, a reading theatre and media lab, space for lectures, debate and dialogue and a learning and development square. For Artiance, the new building offers the possibility of rehearsal rooms for large groups, a recording studio and a creative workshop. 

Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar and ABC Huis will work on further elaboration of the plan next spring with a preliminary design and a cost estimate. In doing so, the institutions are working together with the municipality of Alkmaar and other parties involved in the city.

If you would like to discuss a press enquiry reach out to us at pr@mecanoo.nl