Projects by Dick van Gameren on show in Triennial Milan

Projects by Dick van Gameren on show in Triennial Milan

19.06.2013 - Events

Since Leon Battista Alberti published his ‘On the Art of Building´ in the fifteenth century, we have come to understand the enormous social responsibility that architects have to society. This is the starting point for the exhibition Senza Pericolo (´Without Danger´) which investigates all aspects of safety in architecture and design.

Taking as its departure point as the basic shelter that housing provides, the exhibition goes on to explore housing’s more complex role in establishing baseline social security in the Netherlands.

A major touchstone of this tradition was established with the Dutch Housing Act of 1901 which determined that politicians and non-profit associations take decisive roles in housing planning. Since this time, the importance of architectural and urban quality has been recognized by many organizations in the Netherlands ranging from development companies, the specialized press, to municipalities and academic research circles. 

According to CECODHAS’ Housing Europe Review 2012, the Netherlands is at the forefront in Europe in a number of its assessment categories due to integrated strategies in housing, planning and social security.

Dick van Gameren wears many hats as an architect / partner at Mecanoo architecten, professor at TU Delft and as a driving force for the magazine ‘DASH’ and has worked on many housing projects. Constants in his work include the search for functional integration, differentiation of housing types, articulating the urban plan and establishing a dialogue with the landscape.

Senza Pericolo shows some striking examples of projects in Amsterdam. 
The exhibition runs form from 3 May till 1 September and is part of the Triennial Milano.

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