2022 04 21

Transformation of the former office building 'De Ster' into a residential tower has started

25.04.2022 - Project updates

'De Ster' office building, near the Alexandrium shopping centre in Rotterdam, will be converted into a residential tower. By mid-2024, space will be created for 169 new homes and new facilities on the ground floor. The redevelopment of 'De Ster', a building from 1992, is one of the first large residential projects in the vicinity of the Alexandrium and the Rotterdam-Alexander railway station. The approach should contribute to the transformation of an 'anonymous and monotonous area' into a lively centre with strong residential, work, shopping and leisure functions.

The 1992 building will be preserved and transformed into a sustainable residential tower. The current windows will be replaced and enlarged to allow more daylight into the new homes. The façade will be restored and reused while new balconies with clear and distinct character will all be delivered as part of the residential component to the development. The parking garage located on the ground floor will make way for catering, such as a restaurant, lunchroom or coffee bar.

In total, when the redevelopment is completed in the first quarter of 2024, the redevelopment will provide 15,000 square meters of new living space and 1,000 square meters of ground floor facilities.

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