2022 05 25

Taichung Green Corridor wins the World Landscape Architecture Award of Excellence/Built Urban Design

25.05.2022 - Project updates

Taichung Green Corridor is awarded with the Award of Excellence in the Built Urban Design category at the 2022 edition of the WLA Professional Awards. World Landscape Architecture received over 240 entries for the 2022 WLA Professional Awards from the greatest number of countries in the Awards history. The quality of the entries was high, with entries including art installations, sky parks, expo parks, wetlands, linear parks, pop-ups, masterplans, climate adaptation concepts, small gardens and industrial reuse.

The 1.7km long former railway line crossing downtown Taichung was an important catalyst for the development of the old city. The railway’s historical value plays an important role in the revitalisation of the urban realm on which it sits. Although in the past the rail line functioned as way of connecting people, the disused railway acts more as a barrier due to its challenging location on the dyke, which impedes circulation from one side of the tracks to the other.

Juror comment: “An interesting project that upgrades the site’s conditions while maintaining its characteristics, and creates a continuous green space of biodiversity that connects the different parts of the city in a sustainable way. The design covers a wide range of factors such as urban regeneration, public participation, historic preservation, green and water resources, and circulation routes for pedestrians and bikes.”

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