2022 07 18 Happy Birthday Henk Bouwer

Happy Birthday Henk Bouwer - the model maker and artist turns 80

18.07.2022 - Events

Today we celebrate Henk Bouwer, the model maker and artist. Our colleague and friend turns 80!

Henk joined Mecanoo back in 1984 and has been with us ever since. Henk brought his craft and artistry and shaped what would become one of the most inspiring spaces in our office – the Model Room.

While approaching the Model Room you can hear Henk whistle and humming along jazz tunes playing from an old radio on top of his cabinet containing 200-plus small drawers with all sorts of model materials, tools and samples one can imagine. Behind him is a wall filled with memories, collages, and photographs from colleagues, friends and his favourite musicians. A mix of completed, unfinished, ongoing models, experiments, personal artworks and lots of wood scrap fill this space.

Henk was behind some of the most iconic projects at Mecanoo, producing timeless models which can be seen across our office in Delft. He is also an artist on his merit with several exhibitions his work explores intriguing patterns and shapes carved in wood, three-dimensional creations from a man that sculptures wood like no other.

At the centre of the Mecanoo Campus lies a square, facing one of the sides sits one of the entrances to the Model Room. In 2017 we named this square the ‘Henk Bouwerplein’ in recognition of his art, dedication, optimism and longevity.

On behalf of the entire Mecanoo team, we wish you a happy birthday!

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